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The Second Life of Cyrus Ex (The Xonen Archives Book 3)

by Ande Li on 2019-05-27

How do you want the galaxy to remember you?
His son is grown and already a powerful mage and warrior, and the rest of his family is gone.
His planet is lost, and his people are decimated, scattered and hunted.
There's nothing for Cyrus E'lan to do now but to reinvent himself, to find some new hobbies and friends... to become the hero he was destined to be.

The Children of Xon

by Ande Li on 2019-02-20

Xon is a tiny, primitive, insignificant speck of a planet, unworthy of notice...and the adopted home to the most powerful beings ever known. They were safe and hidden for millennia, but an ancient evil has tracked them here. Their discovery would signal the end of Xon, and the galaxy. Fate lies with two boys – Sarc, a half-elfyn thief, and Jeysen, a prince of the Realm. One day, they will be the guardians to the most fearsome power in existence, but first, they must learn what dangers await them all.