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Cocky Mercutio is Outta this World!: A Space Fantasy Cocky Romance (Shakespeare in Space! Book 1)

by Anders Hawkes on 2018-07-22

What does a man do when the love of his life leaves him to travel the Universe?

Mercutio has given Portia everything he has, but when she leaves him for the lure of adventure in the vast gulf of space, what choice does he have? He sets out on his own adventure to find her, teaming up with Romeo and a few others, including an alien with the biggest boob in the history of the universe.

Will Mercutio find Portia and convince her their love is outta this world?

Cocky Mercutio is Outta This World! is the first in the Shakespeare in Space series. Within these pages, you will find passion, adventure, and comical hijinks that even the Bard himself might appreciate...