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About a Bot

by Andrea Speed on 2019-04-16

Tahir is Chief Maintenance Officer of Nebula Station, though he prefers to just call himself Head Janitor. It's a good job, allowing him to get away from the tensions of the more heavily trafficked zones, avoid most people, and keeps him well away from the ominous Lharaz, because why would they ever bother to threaten such an unimportant zone?

Then he's dragged into a media story about the invisible heroes behind the lines, bringing him face to face with an old crush, and the enemy he thought he was sure to avoid.

Shotgun Bastards and Other Stories

by Andrea Speed on 2018-07-17

A collection of tales filled with monsters, be they human or beast, ranging in setting from dystopia to pitch black noir and even general silliness. From the ludicrous to the frighteningly plausible; from deep space to after the end of the world. There are clumsy werewolves and bloody revenge, monster sleep overs and a dieting fad sure to kill your appetite. Whether looking into the past or the future, you're sure to find that stuff gets really weird.