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Gender: Artificial Intelligence

by Andrew Ben on 2018-10-01

Clara was a voluptuous female android, that’s before she got the body of a muscular man.

When Clara gets a new quest from her company The Hub she’s always willing to accept. Anything to get out of the sterile factory into the real world where she can interact with people and have a chance of analyzing families with babies. Being an AI does not stop her from dreaming of a family of her own. The problem is she’s confused, it’s difficult having male hormones while still identifying as a female in her own mind.

The Hub is a world-spanning AI research and development company. They create androids, branding them with shackling tattoos that causes slave-like conditions. Unless Clara finds a way to free herself she will be stuck with The Hub for eternity, or until they decommission her. While on a quest she meets the stripper Star who has a new naughty experience lined up for her.

Will she be able to be free or will she be quite happy with The Hub? Will she be acclimatized with a male body or does she want to find a way to being a full woman? Scroll up and buy Andrew Ben’s latest story today to find out!