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The Wrath Of Kali

by Andrew J. West on 2018-07-10

Can the world really be saved from nuclear annihilation? At the end of their first voyage, after having apparently delivered humanity from the end of the world, the original superheroes Hanuman the monkey general, Vibhisana the seer and Kalika the Goddess of Time came face to face with the hidden figure behind the end of the world: Kali the demoness.

In the second installment of the trilogy, Time Beings II: The Wrath of Kali, Andrew J. West takes the scenario established in Forward to the Past—where mythic characters from Hindu mythology try to turn the wheel of time away from imminent cataclysm—to an all new level.

In a desperate attempt to undo the work of the demoness, our heroes must travel further forward into the past to confront historical mass murderers such as Genghis Khan as well as save (or maybe not…) such luminaries as Archimedes of Syracuse (the mathematician and inventor), the Trung sisters (the ancient Vietnamese heroines), Hypatia of Alexandria (the mathematician and philosopher), Jesus of Nazareth and many more.

“Counterfactual history is actually an enjoyable way to explore and learn about factual history,” said the author. “And with central characters drawn from Hindu mythology, in which I've developed a keen interest since moving from Australia to live in Thailand fifteen years ago, it's also an unconventional but informative way to learn about other cultures as well as the history of other times and places.”

The Wrath of Kali is the second of a trilogy of adventures in which Hanuman, Vibhisana and Kalika fight off demonic forces of apocalyptic destruction… Stay tuned for Time Beings III: Edge of Yesterday.

Apart from this trilogy, Andrew J. West has written many articles for Bangkok Post and authored Thai Neotraditional Art (2015) and Destiny to Imagination: Prateep Kochabua (2013).