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Mercenary (Heart's Desire Soul Destroyed Book 2)

by Angela Verdenius on 2019-03-23

*please note that this book was previously published as 'Soul of a Mercenary', but has gone major red-editing/revising/re-writing*


Love, darkness, torment, and wisps of madness…

An outlaw world where cruelty rules…

Where some memories are best left alone…

Where some deeds are best forgotten…if you can.

Maverk has been captivated by the leader of the Reeka warrior women since he met her during the years the Reekas were outlawed.  Now they’re pardoned, he doesn’t understand why she has chosen to return to mercenary work in the Outlaw Sector.

Known for her cold, merciless ways, Reya fights for warring District Lords in the Outlaw Sector.  Turning her back on peace and a new life, she walks the fine line between living and dying, fighting and war, death and destruction.

She’s legendary.

She’s the ultimate ice warrior.

He’s one of a known and respected race.

He’s a giant Daamen trader.

If anyone should know what drives Reya onwards, it should be her cousin, Dana, who fights beside her, but the secret Reya carries is known to no one.  No one except for those mercenaries who accompanied her on that one fateful mission three years ago.

Thirty went in.

Eleven made it out alive.

None made it out mentally intact.

Death and darkness, madness and terror.

Walking the edge of insanity.

Maverk’s been asked to bring Reya and Dana home for the birth of her sister’s first baby.  It’s a chance he’s been waiting for, a chance to see her again, a chance to change her mind. 

The past is catching up with Reya, and it’s not old allies such as the Daamen traders.  From the deserts reaches shadows, flickering images that haunt her dreams, darkness that haunts her mind…and blood that drenches the hot sands.

It’s coming for her.

They’re coming for her.

The Outlaw Sector is a dark and scary place.  Where savagery lurks, betrayal exists, loyalties are strained, cruelty abounds… Can Maverk and Reya survive what is coming? 

Or will her secret be the ultimate undoing?

Outlaw: Heart's Desire.or Soul Destroyed (Heart's Desire Soul Destroyed Book 1)

by Angela Verdenius on 2018-05-05

*please note that this book was previously published as 'Heart of an Outlaw', but has gone major re-editing/revising/re- writing*


Murder, betrayal, danger and despair…

A time when outlaws are hunted and sold…

When legends are born amidst blood and lies…

When you may not like what you discover…

He’s never believed in keeping slaves, in buying and owning another person, but a soft-heart and an unexpected attraction has made Darvk, the Daamen captain of a trading crew, break his belief, and he’s now the new owner of a notorious outlaw.

She’s beautiful and feisty, she’s injured, and she has blood on her hands.  One of an outlawed race of warrior woman, this Reeka is intent on escape.

Escape for her could mean capture and death, and he can’t let that happen.

The legends are bloody.

The bounty hunters are on her trail.

But so is the Inka Empire.

Tenia’s hell-bent on finding her sister - both blood kin and warriors, but escaping the Daamen captain isn’t as easy as it looks.

He says he’ll help her.

She’s been betrayed before.

Can she trust him…and her heart?

From the Outlaw Sector to the Lawful Sector, nothing is as it seems, there are allies and enemies in a vast universe…and a secret that loops back to the very bloodline of the Reekas.