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Forever Changed: Book Three (Bachelor Battles 3)

by Angela White on 2018-02-28

Forever Changed will be 772 pages upon release and you will get every word of it.
Thank you for all the support!
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Apocalypse Romance and Rebellion

“Welcome to the final episode of the Bachelor Battles!”

The war changed all of us in one way or another, and some of us in every way possible.

“It looks like we’ll have another of those infamous, bounty-hunting Pruetts with us for this episode.”

We’ve had almost five hundred years of Network rule.

“Has there ever been a family so merciless, so mate-hungry?”

It was way past time someone challenged them.

“Samantha J. Pruett!”

Sam grinned, moving onto the time trials field as the crowd roared approval. She hadn’t come for the taste of blood or because of the change. Sam was here for the Network and she hadn’t come alone.

The thrilling conclusion of the Bachelor Battles trilogy!

Title: Forever Changed

Book 3 Bachelor Battles Trilogy

Length: 772 pages

Author: ©Angela White

Publisher: C9 Publications

ISBN#: 978-1-945927-84-3