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The Barbarians: Stolen Bride

by Angelique Anjou on 2019-03-28

Star-Trooper, Lt. Charlotte ‘Charly’ Black, is leading a delicate mission to extract a suspected assassin from the midst of the Oloote of Bacsheer. No one, least of all her, expected to get swept up in a serious political situation, but that was exactly what happened and almost the moment the ‘gods’ stepped off of their ship and into the midst of the barbarians.
The King was dying and he’d decreed that whichever of his sons was wed at the time of his death would inherit the throne. If neither was married, the realm would be divided between the two sons.
Prince Damek decides the ‘goddess’ Charlotte will suit him just fine. They will wed and breed little half gods to rule the realm.
Prince Galen decides to steal the bride to prevent his older brother from inheriting.
For Charlotte, it’s a seriously uh-oh moment to find herself the center of an intergalactic incident of epic proportions.

Return to Eden

by Angelique Anjou on 2018-06-27

It was like stepping into the twilight zone.  One minute Anya was thinking of nothing more exciting than her laundry.  The next—alien invasion! 

Fresh from a Dragoncon conference, it almost didn’t seem unbelieveable at all when the terraformer shot out of the sky and slammed into the ground.  Then the horde of nanites swarmed out of it and began eating everything in sight ….

Aidan had come to save the day but (one) Anya wouldn’t have believed him if she could’ve understood  him and (two) he was a day late and a dollar short—the terraforming had already begun and he was having a hard time saving himself and her from the monsters evolving during the terraforming.  How could he save the world? 

Blood Sin (The Fallen Book 1)

by Angelique Anjou on 2018-06-21

Nicole is a woman with a mission: retrieve the ‘golden’ seed of an Elumi known to flourish even in the womb of a woman unable to conceive. Gideon refuses to donate, which leaves her no alternative but to steal it. The vengeance of an infuriated Elumi, she discovers, can be ... interesting.

Tears of the Dragon

by Angelique Anjou on 2018-06-21

Trapped in a world where females come ‘in season’ and male dragons battle to claim their mates, Khalia Peterson realizes very quickly that this can be a very dangerous world for a human, or at least half-human, female who knows no season.

Lords of Mayhem

by Angelique Anjou on 2018-05-17

As certain as Anya was that the being who called himself Legion was more dangerous than any force in the universe, she found herself falling unwillingly beneath the spell of seduction he wove around her, struggling uselessly against his determination to win her as his mate.

"This title is based on the short story "Legion"

Mid-Novel--Futuristic Romance--Spicy, contains two heroes, explicit sex, graphic language, and ménage a trois.

Ja-Rael's Lioness

by Angelique Anjou on 2018-05-16

Elise knew she should’ve run the minute she set eyes on the cat-like alien, Ja-rael. She did—right into his arms—she couldn’t wait for a bed! She didn’t know what had come over her, but there was no way in hell she was simply going to accept that they’d mated and she was his, she didn’t care what their laws said!

Conquest Earth: Prince Galen

by Angelique Anjou on 2017-07-23

Conquest Earth: Prince Galen by Angelique Anjou-- A banished prince from far, far away... one minor computer glitch... the most bizarre courtship and mating ceremony ever conceived... and Bree Denton’s life would never be the same. and the company was going to play hell finding them and reclaiming them on her deep space salvager. Damon was another matter altogether! She justerstand why Jare
This special edition includes Conquest Earth: Prince Galen by Angelique Anjou, bonus materials listed below, extended excerpts from the Cyberevolution series books 1-7 plus a special extended sneak peek of an upcoming Kaitlyn O’Connor KU release following Conquest Earth. The sneak peak is a rough first draft of a book in progress and has not had final edits or changes.

This special edition contains the following free bonus materials:

Labyrinth of the Beast by Goldie McBride--Lilith is offered to the demons that dwell within the Labyrinth of the Beasts. It is the Hawkin, Gaelen, guardian of the gateway, who comes to collect her. His task is to initiate her into the pleasures of the flesh and train her to entertain the insatiable carnal appetite of the demons.

Odin Stone by Marie Morin--Compelled by her gift of ‘sight’ to search for a link to the past, Anna crosses paths with Simon, a man with a dark and tortured past who is as much of an enigma to her as the visions that haunt her.

Alien Breeders: The Anunnaki by Stacey St.James--What began as a determination to bend her to their will and have her behave in a manner acceptable as a slave of the Anunnaki became a desperation to protect the woman who enthralled them.

Babylon: Rebel's Woman by Kaitlyn O'Connor---It was a simple thing that shouldn’t have turned her simple world on its axis, pitching her into danger, abject terror, and the arms of a man that stole her breath, her heart, and totally blew her mind.

Lena thought her world had turned on its axis when she met the sexiest man she'd ever seen in her life. But she discovered that was only the benign tip of the iceberg. Dax was neck deep in the rebel plot to expose a horrifying government conspiracy. Had the handsome stranger with overwhelming sex appeal saved her because she’d helped him escape? Or did he have other plans for her now that he had her all to himself?

And was it something hot that was going to blow her mind or just blow her away?

Snow White and the Seven Hunks by Kimberly Zant--How bad could it be, Nicole Martin asked herself when she discovered her options were to take the role or face criminal charges with her ‘big’ sister, Brandy? Actually, it didn’t sound nearly as bad as she’d expected once the producer/blackmailer explained. The filming would be done in low light situations. No one would ever get a really good look at her face. And it was just acting anyway, right? They weren’t actually going to do all those things ….

Plus an extended sneak peak of Exodus: Extinction Event by Kaitlyn O'Connor