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Arriving Soon


There Are No Rules

by Anika Bruce on 2018-07-16

Clara’s life has always been structured by rules. There’s a rule for everything-For how to dress, how to act, and how to speak. While that would annoy some, that’s just the way Clara likes it-rules are a part of her life.

So what happens when the first Universal War starts, causing danger to her best friend? What happens when Earth begins to turn against itself, calling for methods that haven’t been used since the Second World War?

What happens when Clara’s world begins to fall apart? Where are the rules for that?

Clara is turning 18 in two weeks. She goes to the Universal School of Education, a place where students from all over the universe can learn together. Her best friends aren’t human-and Clara loves them to death. School was as normal as it could be until the war started. Then, assemblies piled up, talking about who was the enemy and what to look for in dangerous situations. Students began leaving school, and Clara’s best friend James became the target of bullying-the war was tearing the school apart.

The situation only got worse when it was decided that Earth would bring back the drafting statement. Now, older students had to leave their education behind to protect their planet, and Clara was no exception. She finds herself at the government center, signing up for war. Or is she?

Clara must help defend her planet, and the whole universe, going undercover to influence the Representatives of the world. She has to leave her school, and her best friend behind, and she can’t tell anyone about what she is doing. Clara must save her partners from arrest, play politician at an important meeting, and travel all over the universe in an attempt to end the war. Clara must also team up with the Queen of Valaria in an attempt to stop the war once and for all. All this while trying to save her friendship. All this while falling in love.

In this epic tale of love, friendship, and learning to trust in friends, Clara must leave her childhood home and throw herself in the thick of the war. She must learn to cope with the bombs that fall amidst the death of her loved ones, and the death of thousands of people she would never get to know.

“This is war, Clara. There are no rules.”