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Yaduk and the Gods of Seabor

by Anita Vaani on 2017-09-19

YADUK is a young cowherd who lived in Lachvi, an ancient village that existed in the Himalayas in 294 B.C. He is abducted by the mountain god- an eerie spirit who roams in the mountains and devours young cowherds! The mountain god carries him to his home planet, Seabor, and introduces him to his people, the iljjocks. The iljjocks are godlike creatures who are very warm and friendly. They inform him that he has been brought to Seabor for a great purpose- he has to marry and mate one of them and attain divine powers!

Then onwards, begins Yaduk’s strange and hilarious adventure! He makes good friends, becomes well versed with the local culture, finds a soulmate and even makes vicious enemies! Violent skirmishes with the enemies lead to staggering revelations about life, death and the universe!