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Arriving Soon


Sacred Shade (Sapphire Shade Book 6)

by Ann Serafini on 2018-12-24

The people of Earth have already suffered through one apocalypse, but they don’t realize that a second, more devastating threat is already on its way. The Ikhälean planet of Jakhële is dying, unable to support the last surviving Ikhälea in the universe. They must find a new home or be annihilated. A year after relinquishing her powers to a mysterious power source called the Darkhön, Asiah gives birth to her daughter, and finally has the opportunity to face the alien threat head-on. It means leaving her baby behind to journey with Chase into the unknown reaches of space to try to stop the impending war before it starts, without any clue of how to find the distant planet.But reaching Jakhële is only the beginning of an uphill battle in which Asiah must bridge the gap between her ancestral people and humanity, and to find a way to coexist, even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.