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Critical Exposure (Security Breach Book 2)

by Ann Voss Peterson on 2019-03-15

An explosion in a secret defense lab changes the lives of three men forever. 
Echo Sloane doesn't like Detective Rand McClellan's insistence that her brother caused the Cranesbrook lab explosion. But when her baby is kidnapped and the ransom demanded is her missing brother, she must turn to Rand for help. Danger closes in on them when they encounter another man who lived through the lab explosion. He's determined to use the power he acquired to destroy anyone--including Rand and Echo--standing in his way.


Book 1: Chain Reaction by Rebecca York
Greg Darnell woke up in a mental hospital, about to be framed for murder.

Book 2: Critical Exposure by Ann Voss Peterson
Detective Rand McClellan must save an innocent mother and child from a powerful madman.

Book 3: Triggered Response by Patricia Rosemoor
Despite the power he now possessed, Brayden Sloane couldn't even remember his name.

Each of these stories are complete novels, but only the full series will get to the bottom of the Security Breach mystery. Be sure to read them all!