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Heroes of Saturn: The Complete Series

by Anna Alexander on 2019-01-23

Spandex-- no. Secret identities-- Yes! These superheroes deserve their happily ever afters too.

Banished from their home planet, these four warriors have only one thought-- survive. Doing their best to blend into society, their newly discovered superpowers help them find high octane careers as well as charm their new neighbors. But not even their super strength and empathetic abilities can solve the conundrum of the human female.

Smart, tough, and sexy, these women are no damsels in distress. It will take more than a set of broad shoulders and some heroic acts to win their hearts, for to mate with a warrior from Saturn is to mate for life.

Welcome to the award winning Heroes of Saturn series.

Hero Revealed- When Kristos' plan to woo the local sheriff goes awry, his time spent in handcuffs does not go how he envisioned.

Hero Unleashed- Lucian confronts his past when an assassin is sent to kill his family and the princess he had secretly sent to Earth.

Bonus Book! A Night at The Cavern- Superheroes have friends too. See what happens when the princess asks her best friend to cheer up the lonely lady at the bar. The club is about to go up in flames!

Hero Unmasked- Dhavin is in love with Fiona, who wants nothing to do with him. Fiona is in love with his alter ego the Chameleon. What harm could come from wooing her from behind the mask?

Hero Rising- Bale. Poor Bale. All he wants is to be left alone with his angst and to fight crime. When Ari falls into his life, does he dare wish for more?