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Arriving Soon


Degrees of Wrong (Degrees Series Book 1)

by Anna Banks on 2017-08-08

Rescued (kidnapped) by the United Nations in 2053 A.D., young civilian doctor Elyse Morgan boards their deep-sea warship masquerading as a low-ranking cadet. Her commission:  find the cure for the HTN4 virus—and do it quickly.

Ignorant of military protocol, she adjusts to cadet life with the finesse of a ballerina without toes—her sulfuric temper and blatant insubordination turn the whispered grapevine into a beanstalk.  Both capture the attention of the ship’s captain, Nicoli Marek. 

Unfortunately for him, he’s engaged to be married and Elyse, all a-tangle in her morals, would sooner amputate her pinky fingers than become the ‘other woman.’  Unfortunately for her, Nicoli views his engagement as a political business transaction, and matches her resistance with his own stubborn determination to win her over. 

As her suspicions about the UN’s true agenda mount—along with her attraction to the relentless captain—she vacillates between the self-sacrificing path and the compromising road that leads to her heart’s desires. Of course, the decision might already be made for her when she discovers who Nicoli really is—and he won’t be happy about her secret intentions for the antivirus.