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Arriving Soon


Aria's Awakening: Terra Lucifer Book One

by Annie Beth Rider on 2019-04-14

Aria never expected to meet a male, much less be abducted by one.

I was awed.

I was terrified of his intentions and enchanted by his form.

Is this what all of the males looked like? How many of his kind were there? More importantly, why did he bring me here?

He stayed as still as a statue. If his antennae were not moving, I would have believed that he was one.

Then my stomach decided that it was a good time to loudly growl.

It finally made him move, bringing his head down to stare at my abdomen. At least I thought he was. It was hard to tell when his eyes were black and fixed. He started humming again, the noise causing his throat to vibrate.

None of the women aboard the Earhart 4500 have ever seen a male before, not to mention one with wings. They arrive at Terra Lucifer intending to colonize the beautiful garden world. The moment Aria steps off of the ship onto Lucifer, she is immediately swept up into the air by a four-armed male who ignites feelings in her that she never thought were possible. Aria must figure out how to get this uncivilized male to return her to her ship before this dangerous world kills them all.