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Arriving Soon


Three Weeks to Say Hello: A Sci-Fi RomCom (Boccaro Brothers Book 2)

by Annika Kayne on 2017-10-27

New haircut, new job … new planet!

Allie has had it. When her cheating boyfriend dumps her for a hairdresser, she’s ready for a change - a big one, like a new job on a new planet. But with just three weeks to go, a day at the museum leads to complications she didn’t expect. Between her family and the fascinating man she just met, Earth won’t be as easy to leave as she thought.

Tai is smitten. When Allie wrecks the exhibits at his spacecraft museum, he knows he’s met his dream woman. He wasn’t looking for love, but now that he’s found it, he isn’t going to let it get away. There are only a couple of problems: she isn’t interested and he has a secret. A big one. Can he win her heart before she finds out?


This book includes sex, strong language, spacecraft, and chocolate-covered squid. If such things offend you, you should avoid this book.