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The Makepeace Sword (Baryna Heirs Book 1)

by Anny Cook on 2018-06-07

The Makepeace Sword is the first in a new series, set on a new world. The country of Baryna is partially sci-fi, partially medieval, so there's something there for everyone. Baryna is suffering under the rule of a terrible dictator who overthrew the monarchy and murdered the king.

The king's heir, Romaden, is grown now, but certainly not ready to take his rightful place as king. As a matter of fact, he doesn't even know he's the heir! But when his guardians urge him to overthrow the dictator and assume his rightful place, Romaden quickly finds there's more to it than just showing up. First he has to locate his Heartsinger, the one person in the kingdom who can keep him on the straight and narrow.

From the time she hits puberty, Talinea of Snowshine Pass knows her destiny--Heartsinger to the king. Preparing for the arduous duties, she trains to guard her king against his enemies. Once her training is complete, she has only one more task. Find him.

And then there's the missing Makepeace sword...