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Arriving Soon


A Suicide's Guide to Proper Thinking

by Anthony Walken on 2019-01-31

In the next few decades, technology will bring great changes to society. Similar claims have been made for the last century, but eventually they must come true. And these upheavals will have greater impact than anything we've yet encountered.

As these changes occur, patterns that have already emerged in the last several decades will become further entrenched and magnified. One such development: a seeming epidemic of loneliness.

Whatever the cause, or causes, one solution is inevitable. Some people will use the same technology that has deepened their emotional estrangement from each other, in an attempt to save themselves from the psychologically devastating effects of loneliness.

Will technology ever be up to the task? Or have we delved a pit from which some of us will never escape?

This is the story of one man's escape attempt; a story of hatred and love in equal measure, with both strangely misplaced.