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Arriving Soon


Given To The Alien Lord

by Aphrodisiac Publishing on 2017-07-16

Enjoy 16,000 plus words of intense Alien Romance and get two books for the price of one! This Alien Romance bundle will capture your heart!

Claimed by the Alien Boss
Lanie Church was a woman with no small amount of skill. She was clean, organized, ambitious, and a great multi-tasker who felt she had sailed under a lucky star. A job at the largest conglomerate in the world wanted her, and she leaped at the opportunity. An unexpected boon was to find that she would be working directly with the company CEO, a handsome and brilliant man who could buy the world. As the weeks roll on, she begins to suspect that her new employer is more than what he appears to be... and she is intrigued to learn more. Much more. But what she learns ca reshape the whole world... even the whole galaxy...

Lyssa was a woman of singular intelligence, but it was her curiosity that carried her to the planet Ursa where a proposal was made that she could not turn down: the chance to be the mother of an entirely new race. The man that would give her what she wanted is Riju, a man of the Ursan race who had discovered the means to give her what she wants... even things she did not realize that she wanted herself.


Free Bonus Books Included!

Suitable for over 18s only due to sex scenes so hot, you'll need your own California vacation to cool off!