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Becoming The Alien's Bride

by Aphrodisiac Publishing on 2017-07-16

Loves alien billionaires and their mail order brides?

*** 2 Sexy Alien Romance Stories in Total! Both Standalone with HEA! ***

Book 1: Paradiso
Shayla's dreams are granted when she finds not only has her application for Bridalship been accepted, she is about to be the wife of a man who owns the moon that's larger than Earth. But will this be the man of her dreams or will she become what she's always felt she was: invisible?

Book 2: Claimed by the Alien Boss
Lanie Church was a woman with no small amount of skill. She was clean, organized, ambitious, and a great multi-tasker who felt she had sailed under a lucky star. A job at the largest conglomerate in the world wanted her, and she leaped at the opportunity. An unexpected boon was to find that she would be working directly with the company CEO, a handsome and brilliant man who could buy the world. As the weeks roll on, she begins to suspect that her new employer is more than what he appears to be... and she is intrigued to learn more. Much more. But what she learns ca reshape the whole world... even the whole galaxy...

WARNING: This eBook contains mature language and content. It is intended for 18+ readers only!