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Punished (Unbreakable Book 3)

by Aria Adams on 2019-03-01

I was taken from my family, brutalized by Grande Pharma, and handed over to the psychopath Controller Lark as his plaything. Controller Lafayette saved me. Expecting punishment at every turn, will I ever overcome my shattered past to serve my new master the way he demands?

The Stack is in turmoil. The Alaxians are fighting back. In the midst of dealing with all of this, I can only think of her. The slave I found in a cage. Beautiful. Broken. She is mine, now, and I will teach her to obey me in everything.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy dark sci-fi tale features total power exchange, dominant alpha males, and potentially triggering situations. If any of these elements bother you, please do not purchase.
This is the third and final book in the Unbreakable series. While it can be enjoyed as a standalone, reading book one, Invaded, and book two, Defiled, is highly recommended.

Invaded (Unbreakable Book 1)

by Aria Adams on 2018-10-11

“They killed my family. My friends. When I had nothing left, they brought me here, for him to kill. But only once he’s finished playing his game of cat and mouse.”

I was stripped and put in a cell with a huge alien. He has been driven over the edge. He wants to kill me, but first he wants to destroy my mind. I can't give him a reason not to, but I won’t go down without a fight. He invades every part of me, forces me to call him Master, and subjects me to his mind control. I have nothing left to lose. He thinks he can break me. Can you break something that’s as wrecked as I am?

Humans have taken everything from me: My home, my family, my wife, and they want to take my sanity. They’re afraid of me. Grande Pharma imprisoned me and subjected me to tests. They gave me mind control. But they hadn’t banked on me running my own psychological tests. My hypothesis was simple: What would it take to break the human women who kept getting sent in here to seduce me for information? I take them apart, piece by piece. Revel in destroying them. But Aspen is different. She’s feisty and resistant. Breaking her will be satisfying. But will she break me, first?

This is book one in the Unbreakable series but reads as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This is an extremely dark romance with graphic scenes, featuring a dominant alien who exerts mind control and a feisty, human heroine who refuses to give up. But there is an HEA.

Violated: A Dark Sci-Fi Romance (Stolen Future Book 2)

by Aria Adams on 2018-02-15

Twenty-year-old Isla Shaw has spent the past two years as a prisoner of her city’s corrupt government, but finally, with the help of Doctor Adam Weston, she has escaped. But if she and Adam are going to stay alive, they’ll have to reach a place where they can hope to be truly free.

As Isla and Adam journey across the continent, they find themselves not only learning more about one another, but starting to fall in love as well. But when they reach their destination, will Adam’s connections and Isla’s courage and fighting spirit be enough to keep them safe?