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The Girl Who Loved Unicorns

by Arthur Butt on 2018-02-18

Fifteenth century Japan is not a nice place to live. Rival clans ruled by daimyos, warlords, tear the country apart in civil war. Amelia is fifteen and her family is out of favor, her father, a samurai warrior, forced to commit seppuku. When a warlord abducts her mother, Amelia vows to rescue her. Aided by a man who adores her, and riding a unicorn she loves, Amelia raises an army, defeats the warlord in battle, and saves her mother. One obstacle remains. The man who loves her wishes to marry Amelia, and Amelia wants to marry him. The problem?

Only a virgin may ride a unicorn.

A Kingdom By The Sea

by Arthur Butt on 2017-08-02

Kenya wants to be a singer. When she is cast into another world, she learns magic is in the power of her songs.