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The Alien Warrior's Bride

by Ashlee Spacee on 2018-01-12

Abby, a beautifully curvy girl, is abducted and brought to a strange alien world. She is at first worshipped and treated to short-lived luxury by the Kultor people, a race of humanoids with perfect physiques.

She soon discovers that her five-star treatment is merely a ritual in preparation for her sacrifice to a fierce alien beast that has slaughtered countless Kultor warriors. She will be chained to a stone pillar at the center of the grand arena, where spectators will witness a brave champion battling against the beast in hopes of rescuing the Earthling girl as his prize, whose soft, delicate curves are sought after among Kultor men. So far, none have prevailed.

Faldor, a strong, well-endowed warrior who has longed for a beautiful mate like Abby with perfect child-bearing hips, puts his life on the line to do battle and claim her as his own.

Will Faldor prevail, and more importantly, can Abby take everything he has to offer—all the way to the hilt?. After all, Kultor males are packing plenty of heat down south…

Buckle up, and forget about wearing protection—it’s time to blast off!