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Arriving Soon


Grayson & Merinda (Spring Valley Book 1)

by Ashley Christine Campbell on 2018-06-19

Awoken in the middle of the night to discover her husband has been murdered and a bunch of strange men trying to cart off her young niece, Merinda Ryans is forced to trust a mysterious man she only knows through reputation to keep them safe. After being married to the vilest man she had ever known, can she really find it in herself to trust a man again.

Grayson Wolfe has longed for his mate for years but discovering the widow of the man he had been investigating was his one, leaves him feeling unsure of his future. With an impending deadline none of his clan members want to miss, could he really consider passing her up in hopes of finding a new mate in the very distant future.

Can a woman who had never found any man to be trustworthy but her own father and brothers, and a man with secrets of his own, find their own happiness?