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Arriving Soon


Captive Innocence

by Ashlynn Ally on 2018-10-26

Since she was chosen to participate in a government program to keep at least some of the population as safe as possible from the Earth's poisoned environment, twenty-year-old Rarity Clearwater has lived a life of relative luxury, but everything changes when she is taken captive.

Upon her arrival at an isolated estate in the far north, Rarity is shocked by her surroundings, which seem intended to make her feel like a small, helpless child. Worse still, when she fails to dress as instructed she is taken over the knee of the facility's disciplinarian, a huge, handsome man named Dante Dasheil, and spanked until she is sobbing and promising to be a good girl.

A humiliating medical examination and a thorough cleansing soon follow, and Rarity's attempts to resist merely leave her with an even more well-punished bottom. Despite the indignity of her situation, however, Rarity cannot deny her body's response to Dante's stern dominance, and when he finally claims her it is rough and shameful yet still more pleasurable than anything she has ever experienced before. But will this unexpected romance give her a chance at freedom?

Publisher's Note: Captive Innocence includes spankings, sexual scenes, and elements of age play. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.