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Arriving Soon



by Ashlynn Monroe on 2018-04-10

Divinity Travers was born on a cargo ship. She’s worked the shipping lanes between Earth and its Kepler colonies spending years alone in space. Divinity doesn’t believe the wild tales old timers tell about aliens that turn into animals. There’s never been Earth contact and humans have been in space for half a century. She’s sure the universe holds no mysteries—until it does. Divinity has never seen anything like Ares’ ship. Her captor is hot-as-hell, but not human. Aliens are the last thing she ever expected.
Ares, Prince of the Linked Worlds, is running for his life. His cousin Daedalus wants him dead. Ares needs an heir to secure the ancient family line before he can reclaim his birthright. Ares’s alien crew is not compatible for mating. When they detect a lone female, whose physiology is hospitable, he gives the order to capture her alive at all cost. Even though she’s not a shifter, she could bear his child.
Ares offers to honor her with his genetic gift, in the primitive way, but Divinity is not compliant. He doesn’t understand how she can decline the chance to be the mother of a child born to rule. Divinity just wants to return to the Milky Way. The prince discovers human courtship is a lot more work than just telling her his title. Divinity’s resistance is an emotional mêlée. She challenges him more than any other female he’s ever known. Ares doesn’t understand why, but he finds this human worthy of the campaign.
This ebook is 15,300 words. The story was original published in the Prowlers and Growlers Anthology. The anthology placed on the USA Today Bestseller List.

Kiijan (Married to the Aliens 4)

by Ashlynn Monroe on 2017-11-18

Kiijan's parents were the foundation of the revolution to bring back the ways of the warriors. She's lived her life under the shadow of their names. She longs to travel to Earth, her mother Alexa's homeland, and be who she is, not the daughter of revered heroes or the wife of a warrior. However the best-laid plans sometimes go awry.

Rieggar has always planned to take a demure wife. His life has been dedicated to training and spiritual education. He's never considered love as essential in drawing the power of a woman into himself -- until he meets a stowaway.

Kiijan knows her only way to Earth is to run away, but when she meets the captain of Revolution, the ship she picked to escape on, he gives her two choices. She can go to the airlock or his bed. She is enough of her mother's daughter to choose to die in the vacuum of space rather than surrender, but the passion in Rieggar's gaze tempts her to fight a battle she's not sure she'll win. Can she seduce this warrior into giving her the freedom she's always craved?