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Arriving Soon


Night of the Monrok: A Reverse Harem Romance

by Aubrey Cara on 2018-03-21

Trust your fate and be brave.

Those were the last words said to me, before I was sealed in a crate and shipped to Pacbar. Beaten and broken, I never made it to the capital planet of the Jun’pn Galaxy. My crate was intercepted, opened, and I, a rare valuable creature, was stolen, paraded naked on stage in an open market, and sold to not one, but four Monrok warriors.

I know what the Monrok want from me. I was created for just that purpose, but I need something from them too. I’m on a mission they cannot know of, yet every moment with my new Monrok masters makes it harder to keep my secret.

It’s imperative I reach Pacbar and speak to the Galactic Unity Council, for the fate of the galaxy rests on me, a veran concubine.

Their Human Pets (Monrok Masters Book 1)

by Aubrey Cara on 2017-07-15

I mean to steal the king’s concubines.

The Zapex ruler, King Thaain, has disappeared. He sent one last transmission from his pleasure cruiser before his Monrok guards were left looking at open space. After the rebellion, the crew of the guard ship gave up their search to seek solace on the Monrok new world of Kadeema.

We have reason to believe the king has female human pets onboard his vessel. A crew of six of my brethren and I are manning the abandoned guard ship. We will be traveling deep into Zapex territory. Capture or death is a possibility at every turn. We don’t know if the king’s ship has already been recovered by the Zapex. Nor do we know if this is a trap.

But, for the chance to own human pets...we will risk all.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains dark BDSM elements and a non-traditional spin on a traditional HEA. If such material is offensive to you, please do not purchase this book. If such material excites you, strap in. There’s a good chance you’re going to enjoy reading this story.