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Royal Sci-Fi Romance #1-6: Ascended Aurellian of T'Fithpa Omnibus Edition

by Aurora Vega Starr on 2017-08-22

Sarah just needed a roommate (and fast) after Andrew, the love of her life, kicked her to the curb to move in with his boss Lexi. But Sarah had not planned on meeting Yilium. He had to be the hottest new roommate on the planet, but Sarah is totally committed to obsessing over Andrew and getting him back.

But when Sarah found an alien device and manifested the perfect roomie, she had no idea how extraterrestrial hottie Yilium Trudeaux, an Ascended Aurellian of T'Fithpa, and royalty, would change her life forever.

Royal Sci-Fi Romance is an ongoing serial (like a TV show)! However, the Omnibus edition is the full collection, over 186,00+ words of steamy extraterrestrial sci-fi erotic romance with true love, a HEA, and a happily ever after yummy, sexy pregnancy and loving alien baby romance!

Starbabies: Royal Sci-Fi Romance #6 (Ascended Aurellian of T'Fithpa)

by Aurora Vega Starr on 2017-08-18

Love a happily ever after yummy, sexy pregnancy and loving alien baby romance?

GET Starbabies: Royal Sci-Fi Romance #6 BABY BONUS (Ascended Aurellian of T'Fithpa)

Yilium’s super psi means that he knew that he and his sexy new bride had double trouble on the way! But for Sarah, being pregnant with twins and giving birth is both terrifying and a trip!

She can't help but worry that the babies will come too soon. Yet it is her royal mate who ensures that she is coming as soon and often as he can get her into their bed.

You'll love Starbabies if you love juicy alien pregnant sex, adorable extraterrestrial human hybrid babies, and a doting husband and father.

The last in the series that follows set on T’Fithpa in the ASCENDED AURELLIAN OF T’FITHPA WORLD does not stand alone. Read it after Mini-Moon: Royal Sci-Fi Romance #5 (Ascended Aurellian of T'Fithpa). It is a little bit of family life, for those who fell in love with Yilium and Sarah and life on the glittering purple planet.