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Arriving Soon


Code Name Echo

by Autumn Clarke on 2017-12-20

She has poisoned lips. He has X-ray vision.

Eliza has known three things ever since she was a child. One: her partner August will always be there for her. Two: the Executive will retire her if she refuses to assassinate her targets. Three: anyone she kisses on the lips will die.

Until now.

When Eliza is sent on a mission to kill Jamison Hart, a charming billionaire with secrets of his own, her world is turned upside down. She unwittingly falls in love and finds herself thrust into a power struggle where aberrants like her are merely pawns. And yet no one, not even Romeo—the one person who's able to survive her poisoned lips—can distract her from the fact that August is ignoring her for the first time in their lives.

Surrounded by explosive secrets, deceptive targets, and deadly aberrants, Eliza knows she can only count on one thing.