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Omega Team Book Two:: Jax's Journey

by Ava Florian Johns on 2017-11-30

Jacqueline (Jax) Elizabeth Meyers was born to the wealthiest family on planet Zelkova, indeed in the whole universe. Her parents were horribly ashamed that their baby girl was born imperfect. Jax was born mute, but what her parents don’t know is that she also has tremendous power. Jax can read minds and communicate telepathically, which she kept a secret in the hopes that it would give her an edge when the time came for her escape. When her parents offered her hand in marriage to the sniveling twerp, Winston Harbough III, she knew her time had come to leave her boring, meaningless life behind.

With the help of her former nanny, Jax gets her wish. The Alien Planetary Alliance (APA) recruits and enlists her in the super elite Omega Team, and there she meets her new best friends, Willow, Cobalt, and Dharma, who have special powers of their own. Their three-year mission aboard the Starship Armagosa is more amazing that Jax could have ever imagined. With the Omega Team, she travels the galaxy, saves the ship from a race of blue technopaths, meets a nation of seers, and protects a planet from a vicious volcano, however, will the one person she is committed to, ever pledge his love to her?