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Arriving Soon


Switched: By My College Professor

by Ava Hayes on 2017-09-11

When brilliant and beautiful scientist Ellie needs volunteers for her latest experiment the faculty recommends Jason. Jason is a star football player who's academic performance has nearly gotten him kicked off the team. Ellie sees Jason as nothing more than an arrogant dumb jock; a pretty piece of meat that she can use to show off her scientific prowess. But when the experiment goes wrong they'll have to work together to make things right. In the process they'll grow closer than they ever thought possible. Much closer.

Changed: On The Run

by Ava Hayes on 2017-09-10

It wasn't supposed to be like this. Jen was a planner. She had her future all mapped out. But one night everything... Changed.

Now she's on the run from government agents and radical militias in a dystopian society that won't accept her. Will going underground with a group of rebels, led by a buxom blonde named Lyra, help keep her safe? Will it help her find her missing best friend? Nothing is certain on the run.

Feminized Behind Bars

by Ava Hayes on 2017-07-24

Sean is a man at his breaking point. Prison has made him violent and unpredictable. A chemical research company has offered a solution. A new and experimental drug that promises to smooth his rough edges and turn him into a new man. Sean begins to experience wonderful new changes. As for becoming a new man...