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Mating Sight (Praesidio Book 3)

by Ava Ryant on 2018-04-26

So...Earth was invaded by Aliens. That happened. I’m not joking. Fortunately for us, Humans developed latent abilities that enabled us to defend and protect our planet. We call ourselves the Praesidio. Years later the world is not the same. We know we are not alone in the universe. There are dangerous things lingering in the darkness.

Kidnapped by an Alien after getting attacked by Space Pirates on her way to a new Planet. Yeah...Anabel wasn’t having a good day. Fortunately for her she was a glass half-filled, spunky kinda-girl and she ends up roaming free on a trading planet where things get weird. Poop-Aliens, Snake-babies and a sexy Laren Admiral ensure she never gets a moments peace. Oh...and did she mention she’s now mated to that sexy Admiral.

Warning: This book is a science-fiction alien romance. It contains swearing, violence, sensual sex scenes. It's definitely recommended for readers aged 18 and over.