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Arriving Soon


Vanquished Mate

by Ava Sinclair on 2018-08-13

As an investigative journalist, I intended to expose the Ythilian mating ritual.
I never intended to become part of it.

My plan was to disguise myself as an Ythilian female, sneak into the field, and document the rush of warriors taking to the mating grounds to capture and claim their mates. I play the role well. Too well, in fact. When the warrior chieftain, Khon, mistakes me for a native Ythilian, he captures me.

Now, Khon has declared me his, and nothing I say can dissuade him. My own government, fearing a political incident, refuses to save me. They say I must live with my mistake.

But how can I do so when it mean submitting to a fearsome warrior whose threatens to vanquish me, body and soul?

Vanquished Mate originally appeared in the Alien Alphas box set and is now available as a standalone novella.

The Daddy Treatment

by Ava Sinclair on 2018-07-20

I never had a daddy. That’s about to change.

It was desperation that drove me to break the law. When I wake up after sentencing to learn I’ve been forced into an experimental reform program, the last thing I expect is to be regressed back to a time in my life when I was fully dependent and vulnerable.

Dr. Eli Crane is commanding, strict, and uncompromising. He tells me while I’m here, he’ll be the father I never had. He’ll give me the love I’ve been missing, the boundaries I need, and the stern correction I secretly crave.

As my handsome guardian breaks down my defenses, I find myself craving not just the vulnerability of letting go, but trusting the man I swore to hate the moment I laid eyes on him.

But how does he know so much about me? How does he understand me even better than I even understand myself? When the secret is revealed, will it destroy the happiness of finally having the father figure I’ve always wanted?