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Alien Mischief: Alternative Futures Box Set of Books 1-4 (Scifi Romances)

by Averi Hope on 2018-04-10

A complete box set of four sci-fi romances from the steamy series Alternative Worlds. Three fantastical worlds: The Cursed, The Magical, and The Gifted. Which will be your favorite?

The Cursed…

When you’re cursed with the ability to walk into the dreams of others, the last thing you should do is explore the dreams of the hot cadet who drives you crazy. Erin knows that’s the logical thing to do, but she just can’t help herself. And when her secret identity places her in danger, she’s surprised to find help in the form of one stubborn, alpha alien. But can an independent woman and an alien who mates for life overcome their differences and find love with one another? Or are some things just not meant to be?

The Magical…

Saura can control water. Her mate can control fire. Together, they are the perfect match. Two magical beings fated to rule their people. But when she discovers he’s missing, gone to a strange world known as Earth, she’ll have to risk it all to save him. Yet with a traitor determined to take the crown, and her as his mate, will one woman have the strength to fight against such impossible odds?

The Gifted…

An alien race with unique gifts will invade Earth in a matter of days. All that stands between the destruction of all of humanity and these powerful beings is a team of unwilling spaceship pilots. Kaci is one of them, and she’s prepared to die to save her sister. But when she’s taken prisoner during the war, will she discover a handsome alien doctor who is more friend than foe? And can they work together to change their prophesied fate?

ALIEN MISCHIEF is a box set of: Nightmare Hunter, Deadly Dreams, Mortal Flames, and Twisted Prophecies. It included four full-length scifi romance novels that have well-deserved happily ever afters. The books follow three different worlds and three different sets of characters, so be ready for a unique and steamy read!