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Dark Secret: A New Paranormal Vampires and Witches Romance Book (New Series)

by Avin Vang on 2018-09-16

A common secret between a powerful coven and a vampire clan that unites them beyond their knowledge.For how long a secret can remain hidden?

Ethan Graham and Anna Stone should never have met. Him – a vampire of more than 400 years, her – a witch with the task of eliminating vampires in order to retrieve artifacts and relics. Ethan has something that Anna’s coven wants.
She cannot take it from him without destroying his life, leaving her between a rock and a hard place. Will she betray her own coven and let Ethan keep the amulet? Or will she destroy him – and any chance of love – by taking the amulet by force?

Anna must make a choice between serving her purpose or saving the man she loves.

Family or Love.Can be both? or is there another choice?

Praise for Avin Vang:

Wonderful romance
By Carol Harrison September 25, 2018
I loved this paranormal romance book and I couldn't put it down until the end of the story.Although the story ended abruptly.The characters were genuine and sexy.I recommend this paranormal romance book to everyone.

Loved this suspenseful romance. I think you will too!
By Lindaon September 22, 2018
Oh, love this dilemma ridden book. Anna needs to find the amulets of life, and Ethan has to keep them safe. Is there any way these two can discover a way to satisfy both needs? If they don't, a love that is developing may not continue. Ethan is 400+ years old. I think he knows when he's met the "one." Loved this suspenseful romance. I think you will too!

Contemporary Gothic at It's finest
By Andrea L. Stoeckelon September 27, 2018
“Are you going to be able to lead us to victory, Anna?” Caitlyn asked. “It’s hard to control our hearts and who we give them to but it’s even harder to deny those feelings. "
Anna and her sister witches are in Quiet Waters to find something they had understood to belong to The Ductus- their coven. But she never expected to fall in love with the head of the Diving Clan of the vampires, especially since the clan has what they've been looking for.
To keep the peace, love will embolden the couple to stand up to centuries of hate and bitterness. Will they be able to do it?
I love gothic and this, without any doubt, is some of the BEST gothic I have read in years. It's just a great story. Highly recommended. 5/5

Dark Secret
By Melvena Asaon October 13, 2018
Absolutely, loved this book and definitely full of everything shifter. Great read. Well written. Cannot wait for more.

Well Done
By Kona Whitneyon September 20, 2018
The book was slow at first. Which is not a bad thing as it takes time to set the storyline. I was hooked right from the beginning. Once you figured out where this was going you couldn't but it down. Well done!

Fantastic Read!!
By LynnStifleon September 20, 2018
What a amazing read! I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline and the characters of Anna and Ethan are captivating. Once I started reading I couldn't put it down until I finished it. I absolutely loved it and I definitely recommend it, you won't be disappointed!! Avin is a outstanding author and I can't wait to read the next story!

"Dark Secret" is a Dark Paranormal Gothic Romance novel of approximately 78,000 words.

Page Count: around 460+ pages
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