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Arriving Soon


Isabella's Story (Contracted Book 4)

by Aya DeAniege on 2018-10-06

What would you do to be debt free?

For Isabella Martin, the answer to this question is simple.

Born into a world reshaped two hundred years previous by an economic collapse, she carries the genetic debt of those before her. Her only hope to pay off her debt is to sign a contract with the Program.

Started by the government, funded by the rich elite, the Program offers contracts to the poor. The contracts can be as simple as hiring a maid with a non-disclosure requirement, or as complicated as anyone can imagine. Every contract must come with terms to dictate what and how things will happen.

She’s a tomboy who took to the trades like her father and brothers, but after a workplace accident, she is no longer capable of performing the job. More debt was added to her tally for medical services, and her other skills are not marketable in the slum she lives in.

Isabella enters a Program building, searching for a contract to lessen her family’s debt no matter the cost.

She is presented with a ‘blank slate’ contract. No rules, no guides, no escape.

This is her story.

Fragments (Daughters of the Alphas Book 2)

by Aya DeAniege on 2018-05-15

Rebecca woke up with no memory of the previous two years. Things had changed, her body had changed. The world she woke to was different, yet the same. She has children she doesn’t remember, her family is fractured, and suddenly the Alphas are bending over backward to both get her attention and stay out of her way.

After the events of the masquerade, the Alphas don’t quite know what to do with Rebecca and Rachel. Few want to go near them for more than to sate scientific curiosity. Rumours of the twins have begun to spread, and with them is a growing fear of these unknown women who broke a Dom and were allowed to live.

Trouble is brewing on the horizon. Fear and Alphas don’t mix without violence and bloodshed soon following, but they are blinded by what they don’t know and are ignoring the only information their fathers passed down to them about the twins.

‘God have mercy, because the Mothers and Daughters will not.’

Contract Gifted (Contracted Book 4)

by Aya DeAniege on 2018-04-07

After having a bad day at work, Nicole headed home expecting to spend her birthday alone with a bottle of wine.

She finds her apartment is not how she left it. A woman's clothing is strewn across her apartment, items discarded without thought. She knew someone was in her playroom, the trail of clothing told her as much.

She just doesn't know why someone would be using her playroom on her birthday.