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Caught by Chance: A Science-Fiction Romance Novella (Prisoners of Love Book 3)

by B J May on 2019-06-19

Wrongly accused of much more than a crime.

Caz is arrested for taking part in a protest about her family’s mining company. She is innocent. The evidence would suggest otherwise.

Will the legal process let Caz down? Will she be able to clear her name?

Gylan, newly returned to Pacific, due to a demotion from the Prison Ship Underworld, needs to work by the book in his old role as as a planetary law enforcement officer, or face dismissal. Discovering that Caz is amongst a batch of newly-arrested protesters tests his loyalties to the limit.

Will Gylan get the information Caz needs to have the charges dropped?

Sometimes, you have to stand up for what you believe in, whatever the cost.

Get your copy of this clean, science-fiction romance novella today, and find out if Caz and Gylan are destined to be together. This is a standalone story, in a shared universe.