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The Forestilling

by B. M. Hurst on 2018-06-21

Centuries have passed since the wars that left the earth in desolate turmoil. In the beginning, it was hatred and greed that filled the leaders hearts of the old world, fueling them to take up arms against neighboring countries as they wanted more land and resources. Nations went to war against one another and soon all forms of government fell as chaos took over, leaving everyone to fend for themselves. Soon, mankind's destructive nature took over and left the majority of the planet in ruin.

Those that remained were quick to point fingers as to who was behind the demise of civilization itself. Over time, women gathered and began to believe that it was menfolk who were accountable as they were the majority of the leaders in the previous governments, claiming that it was in their blood to seek out destruction. Of course, men then blamed women as they claimed they were selfish and deceitful creatures who brought on the initial conflicts in the first place.

Ultimately, one final battle known as the Great War ensued, causing thousands of fatalities until there was hardly anyone left. It was then that the few remaining leaders--now known as the High Kings and Queens--made a pact to never repeat the past and ordered that men and women would live separately, never speaking again. Unless of course, your tribe was selected to attend the ceremony known as the Forestilling--an annual gathering where men and women are forced to procreate to keep the population arise.

Rowan, a hardened warrior princess, is one of the man chosen to be a contender from her tribe, the Glade. Being raised to hate men, she views this being worse than a death sentence. Will she be able to look past her abhorrence for the opposite gender when she is paired with the handsome prince of Rorik?