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Arriving Soon


Twinkle: Book Four | Short Read (Twinkle Series 4)

by B. R. Miller on 2017-07-24

The battle begins between the creatures and the stars. Gavin stands back helpless as he watches the intensity of the battle continue to grow.

After the battle, North has news for Gavin that won't leave him pleased. How will this series end? Find out in the conclusion of "Twinkle."

Twinkle: Book Three | Short Read (Twinkle Series 3)

by B. R. Miller on 2017-07-23

Gavin and North get a call that the boy Gavin has become a mentor to along with all the other boys at the orphanage have been left alone for several days. Gavin doesn't suspect anything suspicious until they show up at the darkened orphanage and find what they fear most.

Twinkle: Book Two | Short Read (Twinkle Series 1)

by B. R. Miller on 2017-07-19

Gavin takes North to a diner to get some food. As he quickly finds out, North is new to being in a human world and want follows is pure romance and comedy.

Twinkle: Book One | Short Read (Twinkle Series 1)

by B. R. Miller on 2017-07-18

On a clear night when he was nine, Gavin saw a falling star. When he found himself in trouble, he discovered the star was a girl and was there to save him. Years later, Gavin had forgotten about the star and that night, but when the star returns, he isn't prepared for what happens.