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Arriving Soon


Clem Hazard (Purview Series Book 1)

by B.E. Hudson on 2017-12-20

A red hot blazing barrel, Clem Roster, is an ex Esoteric Ops member turned high-end thief. Now, her favorite pass times consist of drinking at her local bar and causing mayhem while in a drunken rage. After the death of her husband, this has become her routine until a friendly bet, forced her into the obtaining a hazardous weapon. Faith appears to be in Clem's favor as she lives her shameless moral code while stroking at the cords of comeuppance.

-This hazard, has her drunk on vengeance.

Purview One (Arch Book 1)

by B.E. Hudson on 2017-12-19

"The coming of the 22nd century, ushered in a horde of technological advancements and the first off world colony settled into Aarth's orbit. Aarth's time line has always been shrouded with capitalism but the plane met it's break when The Elites, migrated from it's surface and became Reach Lords-

The off world colony was dubbed Purview One and it’s maiden voyage was a con. The voyage was marketed as a vacation haven for the rich and famous which made the middle and lower class assume the voyage to be another chance for the 3% to flaunt their wealth. They soon understood differently…They learned Purview One, was a vessel of salvation. A vessel that was being used to escape the impending and demonic cataclysm that was on Aarth's doorstep.

I'm merely the aftermath of the prior, on a parentless landscape engraved by ruin. The paradox of my existence is based on what I can salvage from the mistakes of our forefathers.

But more importantly, I'm a product of your efforts...You named me Khali. -But this Dead Girl. Who is she and why is calamity following her? She's causing me to forget your ways.