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Urric Quatral: Avix Isha and the King of the Dowd

by B.L. MacDonald on 2017-07-31

A secret missive, a blood thirsty prince and a caged challenge are easily dealt with for the Avix Isha. The elite group of highly trained warriors is sent on a life-changing mission to the King of the Dowd to secure the future of their home planet, Urric Quatral. Keeping the ambassadors of the Earth tribe safe is another story. The Avix Isha will need to use all their training to keep these females, who are close to their hearts, alive.

Named as Ambassadors of the Earth Tribe, eight women stolen from their place in time are forced to learn the ways of the Multiverse. From assassination attempts to slave trials to alien courting rituals, each woman must find her inner strength to survive in this strange place. With the Avix Isha at their side, the ambassadors just might make it —with help from some meddling Deities of course.