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The Beast King's Bride (Warlords of Farian Book 1)

by Bailey Dark on 2019-04-19

“There’s no point in fighting. You belong to me now. I am your King.”

Work sucks. That’s just a fact.
And to make it worse, my boss it a total a-hole.
But it turns out he’s not just your everyday run-of-the-mill jerk.
Nope, he’s also a killer—and not at all human.
Now, my late-night overtime assignment has left me caught in the middle of some galactic war.
My only escape is a bigger, badder alien, who they call ‘The Beast’.
He’s all feral masculine perfection, and godly good looks, and If I can figure out how to stop staring at him for a few minutes, I might just survive this.
Instead of leaving me on Earth, he takes me to his homeland, Farian.
He claims I am his Destin, a soulmate chosen by the universe—and that there’s no way he can let me go.
We’re so different, and I’m not made for his world, but I can’t deny the panty-melting connection we share.
How do you choose between the life you’ve always known and the one you were destined for?

THE BEAST KING’S BRIDE is the first book in a brand-new Sci-Fi Romance series from author Bailey Dark, titled: Warlords of Farian. Each book follows a different couple and their steaming hot connection. Can be read as standalones. No cheating, & HEA!