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The Spirit Animal Mystery Series Bundle Large Print: Books 1-4: (On the Rocks, Cowgirls Just Wanna Have Fun, Cowgirls Rock & Off Grid Planet) (Spirit Animal Bundle Large Print)

by Barbara Neville on 2017-11-26

Binge out!
The first four books of Barbara Neville’s Spirit Animal series combined into one big read.
"On the Rocks" description:
Wanted, dead or alive. Can she hide? A young cowgirl, falsely accused, searches for a new life. There’s a big reward. And not much hope.
Fortunately, she's smart, snarky and tough as nails.
"Fun, unusual plot! The author has made a truly unique story with likable characters and great atmosphere."-Amazon Customer review.
"A Very Enjoyable Read!!!-Captivating, mentally stimulating, & entertaining with a STRONG female character."-by Lila
"Cowgirls Just Wanna Have Fun":
Can even the toughest cowgirl survive? First it’s the shooters on horseback, then the bartender, then a lawdog goes missing.
There’s a hanging. And a lot of snarky dialogue. The outlaws have their reasons. We just have to figure out what they are. Or don’t we?
"Cowgirls Rock"
Laws are meant to save mankind from itself.
The problem? Outlaws are beyond the law.
Our cowgirl hero gets help from a livestock guardian dog this time out.
Life should be idyllic, instead, she ends up in a fight for her life. Her canine friend is an independent cuss, a big white livestock guardian dog, who is duty bound to save the day.
An humorous, action packed, western.
"Off Grid Planet"
Will the snipers win out? Or will Annie and the boys sniff them out? Our is the a job best suited to her dog, Hoss?
Our intrepid adventurers journey on horseback until the country gets too dry. They have to switch to camels across the Mohave and Sonoran deserts. Proving that cowhands are adaptable. Dry wit, action and above all, good reading.