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Arabian Days

by Barbara Russell on 2018-11-13

Being a slave in Ancient Persia is bad enough. But being a disfigured, cursed slave is a tragedy. Every time Ashur listens to the moonshine song, he can’t stop himself—he must perform the Moonshine Dance. Only the kiss of a special girl will break the curse. As if girls would kiss a disfigured, cursed slave.

By accident, he dances around Chloe’s magic mirror, and his evil twin comes out and flees. Unless Ashur catches it, he’ll die. Ashur’s evil twin goes on a killing spree, and Ashur is accused of the crimes. As he and Chloe chase the double through the streets of Persepolis, he wonders if his skill as carpet racer will be enough to keep him alive before the Immortals kills him. And the worst part? He can’t stop thinking about kissing Chloe.

Also a clockwork jinni.