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Arriving Soon



by Barrie Farris on 2019-06-16

            Welcome to the Triangle where breaking a rule gets a man executed.
Little is known about the ancestors who built the canal and its cities. Vines, bioengineered to repair Earth, infected males with a gene for violence. By the time the Ruling Mothers wrested control, history was erased, and the shortage of women allowed a wife to have three husbands. All boys are isolated in an academy until they graduate at twenty, conditioned to obey the rules.

Gifted with a brain wired like the ancestors, Cadet Quiggs Fallon spends his time deciphering the ancient tomes. Whatever the puzzle, he figures it out. If he finds a means to kill the vines, he will earn a seat in the Assembly of Ruling Mothers and become the first man allowed to argue the rules without getting executed for treason. Out of shape from skipping athletics, Quiggs doubts anyone will sign his slate in the clinic for mandatory same-sex training when he turns eighteen. But using brain over brawn, he wins a bet to lose his virginity with the athletic champion he lusts after. Before he collects, the ambitious governor coerces Quiggs into a marriage contract. Banned from the sex clinic, he dreads the consummation of his marriage after he graduates. Female plumbing is one puzzle he has never wanted to solve!
When a badass soldier with secrets saves Quiggs from an assassin, their surprising attraction burns hotter than his amazing new fuel paste. But Quiggs is off-limits, and the gorgeous sergeant is honor bound to defend the rules. With threats from the governor, assassins stalking him, and female ferals scouting the border for studs, those damn vines are growing smarter. Unless Quiggs figures out a way to kill them, the Triangle is doomed. So why not break a few rules?
Warning: This is not a coming of age or a new adult sci-fi. Though 103,000 words, Ingenious is a breezy, action-packed dystopian romance with emotionally-charged, explicit m/m love.