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Pillar of Frozen Light

by Barry Rosenberg on 2019-03-15

A novel of Romance, Philosophy, and a Quest across the Galaxy.

A mysterious artefact.
The power to reach across the galaxy.
The power to change lives.

Jonan's indulgent life on Earth is upturned when he meets Yerudit, a remarkable woman from a distant colony. After an intense affair, Yerudit leaves Jonan to pursue a pilgrimage across the galaxy. He finds himself following her on his own journey of self-discovery: encountering enigmatic artefacts, haunted by a shadowy figure, and discovering a life he never realised he was missing.

This novel combines romance with philosophy, strange alien vistas with quiet mindfulness, star travel technology with simple self-reliance. Through it all stands the Pillar, an inexplicable object that gives those who encounter it a glimpse of knowledge beyond human understanding.