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Over The Moon: A Sizzling BBC Sci-Fi Novella

by Belinda LaPage on 2019-01-02

Too big. Too black. And way too tempting not to at least have a taste.

Waking up on a space station 350,000 years into the future isn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened to Cole. Sure, he’ll miss his family, his homies, and he’ll never get to play pro baseball, but nor will he ever have to face the consequences of that last day when—

Bump! Thump!

After eons in cryo-sleep, he can still hear that kid going under the wheels. Like it was yesterday.

Esther is a nice distraction. Born and raised in the low gravity of Earth’s moon, her race has never encountered Cole’s huge African physique. She’s truly tiny and utterly gorgeous, like a pixie from a fantasy book, and she seems every bit as taken by Cole’s size as he is with hers. It’s hard not to notice how she watches him when she thinks he’s not looking.

The deeper Cole falls for her, the harder it becomes to unburden his guilt, and the tighter that noose draws around his throat. He’s not the only one harboring secrets, though. As he learns to navigate this unimaginable future, he comes to realize the woman he loves has other plans for him.

Over the Moon is Interracial BBC Exotica so big, you’ll need both hands just to guide it in.