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Arriving Soon


Gods Of the Arena 3 (Unearthly Lust)

by Belle Maurice on 2019-03-26

Sandrine discovers the woman she helped through a panic attack at the auction when they arrived is now working in the Master's brothels and loving it.

Lou talks to Venedi about Sola and ends up as a couples therapist for them. Linda gets an offer from the three people she met at the party and decides to leave the fighting stable.

Gods Of the Arena (Unearthly Lust Book 2)

by Belle Maurice on 2019-02-26

While Lou navigates the upstairs/downstairs sexual politics he has been thrust into, his friend Stone wins a bout meaning that all the fighters from Earth are now much more interesting.

Sandrine works with her Master on the Exhibition which she hopes will make her more valuable to him, but it's also putting her in more danger. Other members of the household resent her place and threaten to tell the Master that she has been seen with another slave so that he will put her aside.

Gods Of the Arena (Unearthly Lust Book 1)

by Belle Maurice on 2019-01-22

Sandrine and Lou are kidnapped by aliens and shipped to another galaxy to be sold as slaves. As soon as they arrive, they are separated. Lou is sold to a stable of fighters where he ends up trapped in a web of family politics where the wrong move could get him killed. Sandrine becomes body slave to a master who is considered eccentric even by local standards. They vowed to find one another, but first they have to stay alive.