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The Comforts

by Blake Channels on 2018-08-28

A future world that behaves hauntingly like the past, an island ruled by a wicked king, a forbidden love between a prince and his Comfort – this story will have you falling in love in the opening chapters.

The Comforts is the story of Talia, a young woman brought up to be a courtesan for those of noble birth. When Prince Bryce chooses Talia to be his Comfort, she can only hope he’s not as vile as his father. But she’ll soon find out what sort of man he is … one she can’t help but fall in love with.

When the prince attends the annual Harvest Ball, it’s only to appease his father. He has no intention of bidding on a virgin Comfort. He finds the ceremony antiquated and in poor taste. But when he sees Talia on stage, he’s drawn to her beauty – to her fire. He finds himself choosing her. Offering to protect her. He has but one request … things can’t get too complicated.