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Arriving Soon


Jen 1

by blard Hans on 2018-11-30

Jen is a young woman desperate to escape her small town. With oportunities in short supply she decides to take the gamble of her life: rig the election for town representative. If she doesn't get caught then she will be on her way to the capitol. Her long time friend Frank is just as desperate to leave but doesn't see a way out. By agreeing to be her personal assistent, Jen can take him with her. The only problem is that a personal assistent is by law a slave position. Frank will have to learn to fake the mental conditioning required of any slave. Still, if this means that he will be allowed to leave his dead end existance then it would be worth it. If anyone finds out that he has not been through formal enslavement training both will be exposed as fakes. The first test will be the train ride to the Capitol. If they can fool everyone on the train, then the Capitol will be no trick. Right?
The Paramountcy runs the country with an iron fist. People in small towns can only fantasize about leaving their bleak existance. Human spirt always struggles against oppression. Jen and Frank may have made their escape but into what?
Along the way, Frank and Jen start to take notice of one another in a way that their friendship hasn't prepared them for.